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Oil Change Awareness

The heartbeat of your harley: the oil change

At the core of maintenance lies the oil change, a ritual that keeps the heart of your Harley beating strong. Here’s what goes into an oil change at a Harley-Davidson dealership.

The right oil:

Motorcycle oil is the lifeblood of your bike’s engine. It lubricates moving parts, cools the engine, cleans, and flushes away combustion byproducts2. Using the correct oil is crucial for the performance and longevity of your Harley.

expert hands:

When you bring your Harley to a dealership for an oil change, you’re entrusting it to experts who know your motorcycle inside and out. They use specialized tools and follow a meticulous process to ensure every oil change is performed to the highest standards.


A dealership oil change isn’t just about swapping out old oil. It’s a comprehensive check of your motorcycle’s health. Dealership technicians look beyond the oil, inspecting filters, fluids, and all the essentials to keep your ride in top condition.


With a dealership oil change, you get more than just service; you get peace of mind. You leave knowing that your Harley has received the best care possible, ready to take on miles of memories with confidence.


When you choose Harley-Davidson, you’re not just buying a motorcycle; you’re joining a family. A family that values the roar of the engine and the whisper of the wind. A family that understands the importance of a well-oiled machine and the freedom it brings.

For Harley-Davidson owners, routine maintenance is more than a task; it’s a tribute to the spirit of the open road. It’s what keeps the legend of Harley-Davidson alive in every throttle twist and sunset chase. So, roll into your nearest dealership and give your bike the care it deserves. After all, every oil change is a new beginning for a journey yet to be written.